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Four sisters married off lickety-split

The Publishing Journey

Many of you have asked: Why does it take a year to publish a book? There's a lot of steps and Brighter Than Her Fears isn't the only book being released by Creative James Media. The next step for my novel is second edits, and I'm to receive those soon. In spring will come the galleys. ScribeMedia writes "A galley copy is an advance copy of your book. It's not a completely finalized version, but it's close enough to send to readers for promotional purposes. Usually, galley copies are the version of your book that comes right before the final proofreading." By September I'll have the blurb (the short description often seen on the back cover), the cover design, and the book will be available for pre-order. You, my faithful newsletter friends, will have a first look at the cover and blurb!

The Novel

The two most common questions I get are...

What's your book about?

In 1882 Asheville, a thirty-year-old spinster is compelled to marry a Civil War veteran twice her age. Using newly won women's rights, she fights in court for her independence and discovers an unexpected love.

What inspired you to write it?

In digging around on, I discovered that my great-great-grandmother Alice Harris was married at age thirty to a Civil War veteran twice her age and her sister Jennie was married the same day and her two other sisters close to that day. Whoa! Four sisters married off relatively quickly -- what happened? In researching the post-Reconstruction South, I learned of railroad expansion, farming changes, the start of public schools, the rise of tourism in Asheville, North Carolina, and a plausible reason for the rushed marriages emerged. Filling in Alice's story with "history" and "fiction" was made easier by reading newspapers of the day. Here's the 141-year old marriage announcement for Alice and Jennie. What a find!

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