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I signed!

I signed with a traditional publisher August 2022 and my historical fiction novel, Brighter Than Her Fears, is due for release January 2024. Why so far out? Because a lot goes into publishing a book (and writing, editing, querying a book, but that's a topic for another time).

Here's what's happened so far. I've submitted the manuscript, which includes the main text, book club questions, acknowledgements and author notes -- most of what you see between the front and back cover. The novel is now with a developmental editor, who will read it (more than once) to improve flow and story components, making sure that scenes make sense, historical aspects are correct, etc. This editor will pass it to a Line Editor (aka Clean-up Pro), who will go over punctuation, paragraphing, etc. with a fine-tooth comb. After that I'll get it back to address what the editors find. More work for me!

So what am I doing while I wait? I'm getting some marketing underway, starting with this newsletter. Feel free to forward it to friends who like historical fiction or share my website: where folks can subscribe and follow the book creation. In a future post, I'll talk about cover design for the novel. Until then, I'm sharing this moodboard with images I believe elude to the story.

The house is listed on the National Historic Register and is a pivotal location in my novel. If you have a guess to its name or location (city/state), send me a message via my website or Facebook page to win a special reader prize!

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